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PokeSlender is a Pokemon Slender-Styled horror game where you have to collect all Pokeballs before the Pokemon get you.

Game Description[]

You were a boy in search for your pokeballs. And if you have completed the game, you would have known his fate at the end. In the new version, you play as his sister going out to investigate about her brother. As mysteries continue to get more unsettling, the better experience of PokeSlender will be made available for Pokemon and Slender fans THIS MARCH. So spread the news. GOTTA GET CAUGHT BY 'EM ALL!


You must collect eight Pokeballs (replacements of notes) without getting caught by each of the Pokemon (replacement of Slenderman). So far, two of the known Pokemon that chase you are Darkrai and Poliwag.

Game Releases[]




  • The game has a sequel titled PokeSlender2