Slender: Winter Edition is a remake of Slender on where the player controls an unknown character being hunted by Slender Man.

In this game you must collect 6 billiard balls before the Slender Man gets you and you will win. However once you get a ball he will spawn near you however he has to make physical contact with you for you to die. You can out run him by holding left shift or run and try to get a tree between you and him then walk away if you walk far enough he will despawn until you get another ball.


The game begins in an enclosed "floating" island type area, where the player can search their surroundings. Once you find a ball and pick it up, the Slender Man will spawn. When he spawns you can look at him as long as you like and you will see various things like Slender Man will be wearing a santa hat. The closer he is to you the more intense the static on your screen will be and when he catches you, your screen will be static for a moment and then you will see Slender Man dragging your body away.


In this game there are various places you can go to, including

  • An abandoned warehouse.
  • A house with what seems to be a cable van near it.
  • A church.
  • A small forest area.


The controls for this game are fairly simple: w, a, s, and d to move, the mouse to look, and left shift to sprint (only for a short time).