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or referred to Slenderpants or Slendypants is the name Rockford

of a Slender-Styled horror game where you have to collect all Krabby Patties before Spongebob gets you.

Game Description[]

Slenderpants is a Slender-style game that was developed by ThisWasEd and Liam de Waal. The aim of the game is to collect 8 pages, before Slenderpants gets you.


The game starts in the middle of a big forest map where you have to find 8 (or more) Krabby Patties without getting killed by Slenderpants. If you look at Slenderpants for a certain amount of time, you will get an image showing a close up of Slenderpants face showing that you died.

Game Releases[]

March 25 2013: v1.0 was released for Spongebob Slender.

March 26 2013: v1.1 was released for Spongebob Slender.

April 28 2013: v1.9 was released for Spongebob Slender.


  • In v1.0, the first verson of Spongebob Slenderpants was released.
  • In v1.1, Slenderpants now speeds up as more pages are collected, Glowstick Mode was added, and The mouse was fixed for not showing up after dying of suffocation.
  • In v1.9, The game was added playable for Windows, Mac, and Linux and the game added volume control, spanish translations, changed the Pages to Krabby Patties, changed the trees and added new effects when caught by Slenderpants.
  • In a older version of the game, If you looked at Slenderpants when he was close to you, he would play a loud explosion sound, but this was later changed to Patrick going "WEE WOO, WEE WOO, WEE WOO!"


  • In a older version of the game if Slenderpants hit a tree, he would then be sent flying in a random direction. He will disappear for a second, and then he will go back to chasing you.